主题演讲学人Keynote Speakers

主题演讲学人 Keynote Speakers




Abdul Rahman Embong是马来西亚国民大学荣誉教授,马来西亚与国际研究所(IKMAS)首席研究员。研究领域为发展社会学,尤其关注中产阶层、族群、多元主义、贪腐社会学、全球化与民族国家等议题。著有《民族国家:进程与争论》(2000),《国家主导现代化与马来西亚新中产阶层》(2002)等。他曾任马来西亚社会科学学会的会长(2000-2010),目前是该会的特别顾问。

Emeritus Professor Dato’ Dr. Abdul Rahman Embong is currently a professor  in Sociology of Development and the principal fellow of Institute of Malaysian and International Studies (IKMAS), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). His areas of expertise are the Sociology of Development (Middle Class, Ethnicity, Pluralism, Sociology of Corruption, Globalization and the Future of Nation-states). His works include The Nation state: Processes and Debates (2000), State-led Modernization and the New Middle Class in Malaysia (2002) and many more. He was President of the Malaysian Social Science Association (2000-2010), and currently the Association’s Special Advisor.


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 Assoc. Prof. Chen Hsin Hsing  received his PhD from Department of Science and Technology Studies, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He is currently an associate professor in Shih-Hsin University, Taiwan, teaching development theories and social movement at the Graduate Institute for Social Transformation Studies.

Associate Professor Chen was a leading organizer of Taiwan’s student movement in the 1980s, and he has been a keen observer and participant of Taiwan’s labour and student movements since then. He has published scholarly works on the politics of science and labour in the age of globalization. He also contributes regularly to one of the most influential online news sites in Taiwan, cool loud.







 Assoc. Prof. Chen Yun Chung  was born in Malaysia. He was trained as a community planner (MPhil in Planning, Taiwan National University; Ph. D. in Urban Planning, UCLA). He is currently an associate professor in Cultural Studies at Lingnan University, Hong Kong. His research focuses on innovation studies and critical urban studies.

As a community planner, he has been actively participating in preservation and community building projects in Hong Kong, including preservation of Queen’s Pier in 2007 and rebuilding of new Choi Yuen Village in 2010.

In 2006, he co-founded a charity NGO – Community Cultural Concern (CCC) – to launch participatory community building projects in Hong Kong. The on-going projects of CCC include: 1) Since 2006, the living revitalization of Blue House, in which the original tenants have a choice to stay. This is an innovative and pioneering success in preservation movements. 2) Since 2010, the participatory planning of Choi Yuen New Village, with 47 village households moving and rebuilding their community together. This is also the first eco-community building project in Hong Kong.

As an activist, he has been strong opponent of privatization of public assets, slash-and-burn style urban renewal and top-down development projects that force evict its inhabitants. In the current student-led democracy movement that started in September 2014 – so called umbrella revolution – he sets up “mobile democracy classroom” at three major occupied streets where college teachers and activists provide democracy-themed classes for the students and protesters.


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Ahmad Fuad Rahmat


Ahmad Fuad Rahmat is a PhD candidate in Cultural Studies at Nottingham University Malaysia Campus. He is also the editor of projekdialog.com, an online platform for multicultural young engagement, and co-host of Night School on BFM radio, a show that discusses philosophy and social theory.






Cheong Wey Jin  studied media studies and speech communications. But it was sociology that gave her the knowledge map she was looking for. In 2010 she joined think tank Refsa and later headed publishing house Genta Media. By January 2015 she embarks a new career as a freelancer, trying very hard to strike a balance between theory and practice as well as between idealism and reality.





Lau Ka Mei is a native Hong Konger, who studied Social Work and Social Administration in University of Hong Kong, and Master of Arts in Sociology in Chinese University of Hong Kong. She has been actively engaged in labour issues and organizations since graduation. Making Malaysia her home, she continues to focus on the marginalized with social participation and frequent writings.