looking for a new malaysia

Looking for A New Malaysia: Racism, Democracy and Islam


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PENULIS: Dr. Mohd Tajuddin M Rasdi
PENERBIT: Pusataka Global Resources

This book is a serious reminder to all peace loving Malaysians not to let this country slide into the pit of  religious bigotry, religious extremism and undemocratic practices of individuals, special interests groups and even public institutions. It is a compilation of Dr. Mohd Tajuddin M Rasdi writings where he look a form stand against racism as practiced by Malays and their political or NGO gangs, there he took a firm stand against misinterpreting Islam to support racism and intolerance and finally his form stand against all who oppose the rose pf democracy and people power. It is also a legacy to his children to hold dear and never ever let there issues appear again in their lives and the loves of those future generation of Malaysias. Negara kita, tanggungjawab kita. (Our country, our responsibility)

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