Middle Malaysia: Centre Ground Is Battle Ground / Liew Chin Tong


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Author 作者: Liew Chin Tong
Publisher 出版社: Genta Media
Published 出版年份: 2013
ISBN 国际书号: 978-967-11759-0-03

“Malaysia is a multiethnic nation. Any political coalition that fails to take the centrist posture to win across ethnic lines to convince sufficient number of Malays/Muslims and non-Malay /non-Muslim voters would face defeat. This is exaggerated by the two rounds of electoral redelination in 1994 and 2003 that created many multiethnic constituencies, which at that time favours BN and now Pakatan Rakyat. Middle ground will be the battle ground and our response is a Middle Malaysia approach. There is no place for extremism, racism or religious persecution.” – LIEW CHIN TONG

This book is a collection of articles written between 2009 and 2013 by Liew Chin Tong, a Member of the Malaysian Parliament, emphasizing on the need for all Malaysians to take the middle path in ensuring the country is free from any form of extremism. “Middle Malaysia” is the author’s ideas and views on how Malaysians can achieve a truly just, equitable and democratic society by being tolerant and open minded, as well as willing to understand and accept one another.

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