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The RCIIIS : The Endless Merry-Go-Round


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Author: Lim Kit Siang
ISBN: 978-983-9820-55-3
Publisher: DAP Malaysia
Published: 2015

The RCIIIS : The Endless Merry-Go-Round
( The 40-Year-Old Problem of Illegal Immigrants in Sabah )

“The UMNO/Barisan Nasional Government would have been kicked out of Putrajaya if the Royal COmmission of Inquiry on Illegal Immigrants in Sabah (RCIIIS) had been written and released before the 13th General Elections on 5 May 2013. If a Sabah state election is held now, I have no doubt that UMNO/BN would be kicked out of state government and power by the single issue of the Report of the RCIIIS” — Lim Kit Siang

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