Time Bombs In Malaysia: 30th Anniversary Edition / Lim Kit Siang


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Author 作者: Lim Kit Siang
Publisher 出版社: REFSA
Published 出版年份:2009/5
ISBN 国际书号: 978-983-4462-91-8

The reappearance of Time Bombs in Malaysia by veteran politician Lim Kit Siang thirty years after it was first published is as timely as it is significant in these politically troubled times. His, work, embodying as it does his apprehensions, fears and concerns about the future of his beloved Malaysia, continues to be relevant.

Lim Kit Siang has written more than 30 books, all dealing with our nation’s failure to address fundamental weaknesses in policy formulation and implantation.

This book will serve as a constant reminder of what half a century of Malay-centric policies have done to trivialise and damage race relations to an extent unparalleled in our history.

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