UMNO-NOMICS: Tha Dark Side Of The Budget / Teh Chi-Chang


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Author 作者: Teh Chi-Chang
Publisher 出版社: REFSA
Published 出版年份: June 2012
ISBN 国际书号: 978-967-5942-12-9

Sit back, relax, and let ‘UMNO-nomics’ put a whole new spin on the way you perceive ‘dry’ economics!

By combining clever illustrated cartoons, carefully researched analyses and everyday English, this book is a visual spectacle that is both informative and easily digested by people of all ages.

If you enjoy in-depth discussions on Malaysia’s economic scene and those funny Sunday-morning cartoons, this book is for you.

Johnny Ong is an artist with an analytical mind, Chi-Chang is a Chartered Financial Analyst charter-holder with a creative bent. When the stars of an ex-investment analyst and a former bartender collide, the result is mind-blowing. Dry economics becomes a visual spectacle. Funny, wicked, humourous – everything every Malaysian should know about the Budget, its Shadow and BN and PR in plain language and rib-tickling cartoons.

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