Genta Media would like to invite the audience to join an important conversation on our cities’ future.

Come discuss problems + solutions for better urban living.

This conversation will be told from the perspective of an author/ researcher who has experience working with the state government (Tricia Yeoh), as well as the point of view of an activist/ intellectual who has radical ideas (Boon Kia Meng). They will discuss about the solutions and the problem as they see it, drawing from their personal experiences and with reference to Tricia’s book and KM’s documentary.

At the same time, the audience is invited to give their views on the kind of city they want. A skeletal tree will be installed at Genta Media’s booth to get the crowd’s attention (from Saturday itself), passers by will be invited to write down their “wish list” for a better city, to be hung on the tree. At the later part of the #yourKLmyKL event, we’ll read out some of their wishes and get the speakers to comment. 

A doer * Writer/ analyst formerly with the Selangor State Government, Tricia Yeoh
A dreamer * Activist/ intellectual and recent documentary filmmaker, Boon Kia Meng
* And you!

Admission is FREE 
Please RSVP for attendance.


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